Friday, April 19, 2013

Gluten friendly never tasted so right

We are realizing more and more everyday that Cache Valley is considerably unaware of some of the modifications we offer, to our traditional menu. And for this we want to apologize:

To anyone that has missed out on the escapades of our gluten-friendly Lyon Bread, we are sorry.

To anyone that has ordered a salad (though JUST as rewarding) on the basis of avoiding our pizza crusts and cream sauces, we are sorry.

To anyone that has not been formally introduced to our gluten-friendly alternatives, we are so, so sorry.

We recognize that our facilities are not ideal for those extremely vulnerable to the elements of flour, but we do want to let you know that we are taking as many precautions as possible. Though we can not officially claim "Gluten Free", we are prepared to create your request using a variety of practices that we have established through the years. The crust and/or bread dough is prepared separately from our flour-doughs; it will be prepared and fired on a separate pan, to keep your meal as far away from the other orders as possible; and, in the event you are craving some dipping sauce, we are happy to prepare a side of our red sauce--completely free of our not-so-gluten-friendly-flour.

So long as you are now aware of these options, we are set-and-ready to be as creative as you are.

Thanks for your service, and your friendship. Eat on foodies, eat on.



  1. What is the price difference for a gluten free pizza?

    1. No price difference Fred. We've got your back.

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  3. Where do you get the wood for your pizza oven? I just started using a pizza oven and I found it harder than I thought getting wood. I live in the inner city so I can't just go cut down a tree, and I don't know if you can order it.

    Aaron Carter |

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